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March 28, 2020


Leo Devin

I am so glad to hear more people are visiting the site.

I have continued to check in on you at least every other day since that nearly memorized "Happy Thanksgiving" post went up, hoping beyond hope that what has happened, would.


PS I am eagerly awaiting the second, and numerous subsequent e-books that I hope will follow


Hey Bob, Just finished Spreadeagle Tales. The Sailor's Memoirs were about the hottest stories I ever read. I'd forgotten how hot. Great Book, thanks. — Jeff P.

Artie Drake

So glad you're doing the blog again. I'll try to remember some of my better experiences for you. It's the least I can do.

For years, I was a devoted reader of Bound & Gagged. From my first issue, it changed every aspect of my life up to that point. Every other month, I waited for the next issue to arrive and was constantly blown away. When the magazine stopped publishing, I felt like a part of me had died. Now, even though the idea of men tying up men is all over the internet, somehow it's not the same.

Yesterday, I purchased a copy of Spreadeagle Tales. I thought it would be a fun dip into the past, but nothing like that. I do remember reading some of the stories, but, more important, my cock remembers them, too! All I can tell you is that today my poor organ is so sore I can hardly touch it, though it desperately wants me to. The student and the architect! I jerked off to that one for years, but little by little let other fantasies take its place, and suddenly here it is for me, over again, as much of a turn-on as ever! An important piece of my past, it seems, has been brought back to me. I look forward to you putting out many more books.

Thanks, Bob. This is a real gift.

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