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June 15, 2016


Leo Devin

I must agree with the opening statement, as a Sadist, I will not even entertain the idea of dealing with a 'slave'. I don't care how much they say they will play the part of a captive, prisoner, abductee (my favorite) or any other masochistic role, they will always revert to the slave persona and try to follow orders.

I have the type of personality that I will always have to 'fight' to be 'mean'. I started out in my Sadist role as more of a mad scientist, experimenting on my victims. I even described myself as a mad scientist in the profiles I had at the time and some of those screen names had 'Doc' or 'Dr' in them. I was a kindly sadist. I was more concerned about what the captive wanted and doing it for them. I was happy as long as I got to tie them up and initially, hurt them just enough to slake my thirst. I got my photos too! That was difficult at first, thank goodness for polaroid, the only drawback, the noise. I just couldn’t go to the Fotomat with that type of photo, I don't think it was legal anyway.

Something changed in me when I had a major shakeup, my regular masochist moved, but recommended another. It took some time to hook up but his request was too good to let slip by, he wanted to be abducted. You can read that story on the B&G site. (Look under Kidnap Fantasies.) I became the no nonsense Sadist that had been lurking inside all these years.

Again, to reinforce the age reference, I began at age 8 (my foot fetish was firmly established by 2nd grade) and believe it or not, it was mostly due to an incident in the Boy Scouts. It was not sexual and I do not have sex during a scene, I wait until later. One reason for that is habit. Before, when I was the mild mannered Sadist, I never really got what I wanted from a session but my imagination made it so much better in reflection, the session was just one 'mind' picture in my library of experiences and fantasies.

My early TV stimulation show was "The Wild, Wild West" and until recently, I always thought of the title as referring to the area of the country that was considered the west, not Agent West as being the 'wild'.

To end, I have no idea what is truly going through a bottom's head other than hurt me but don't kill me. These days, I only care what is going through mine; safety factors taken into account. IF I were a real captor, I wouldn't give a flip about what the captive wanted or what I did to them, other than to keep them alive to keep up the torture. That was IF with a capitol I F. I try to make my sessions as real as possible, now, for both of us.


You got me thinking back to 1961 or so. I was about 8 or 9. I used to read Jack and Jill Magazine. I can still picture in my mind the illustration of a story about the Revolutionary War. This American spy was tied in a high back chair with his arms crossed behind the chair-back. I was so turned on by that picture. I've actually tried to see if it is archived somewhere online with no success. I consider that my waking up moment to craving bondage...

Eric Tide

Dark Lord is right on the money! In fact, he has helped me understand my desires and feelings even better.

Definitely, I fall into the Sado/masochist category as he so well explains. He has described me to a tee (or T if you subscribe to the original usage of the term). My passion is to be taken prisoner or kidnapped, then bound, confined, chained, and tortured. Strong humiliation is great, too. I pride myself on seeing how much abuse I can take, all the while knowing that I am getting what I deserve. developed this passion early in life, even from the time I was a small child. I am not after sex when I do bondage, and in fact as Dark Lord so rightly says, I can certainly do without the sex. I am after something much more.

It is a difficult thing for a dominant to break me, but when he does, it can be euphoric. And I find it interesting that Dark Lord says that we like pictures of our scenes. So true! I usually get the dominants to take pictures of me tied up and abused, although they don't usually take nearly enough. I have bought a digital camcorder that I hope we can use to video some scenes in the future.

The problem is, it seems to me, that almost every dominant I have met wants the Master/slave scenario. I do it. I obey and let them do what they want, but I don't enjoy it unless while they are bossing me around they are also torturing me or whipping me in some way.

Thanks, Dark Lord. You have really helped me understand my feelings better.

eric tide

Leo Devin

I just thought of something dealing with two points. Age and The Sadist/masochist rolls

What if the age of the person isn't the cause for them becoming a Sadist-Master/masochist-slave.

What if, in the case of the Sadist/masochist, one of their fantasies, a TV show, awakened them at that age.

That would explain why we don't need the sex to satisfy us since it is highly unlikely that sex was involved at that young age. Oops, did I say "us"


Very interesting analysis. As someone who fantasizes about being in the role of the masochist (a masturbatory fantasy indeed), most of what was written about that viewpoint certainly rang true.

In my case (due in part to my own timidity and also to my lack of ever having a heroic build), I haven't been able to act out any of my fantasies with a partner. Plus, I recognize that the fantasy is a lot more fun (less pain) than the reality would be. Plus, as long as it stays a fantasy, I get to masturbate and achieve orgasm. That never happened in the handful of bondage and torment scenarios I've actually experienced, and that, for me, is a major disappointment. I've wanted my partner to take complete control over my body and force a load out of me no matter how hard I try to resist, and what I've found instead is that my partners get tired before they ever get close. In my fantasies I resist all manner of painful torture but shamefully can't hold back from cumming at the hands of my tormentor, whereas in actual bondage play it is just the opposite: I quickly reach my pain limits, but am never even close to cumming, despite whatever my partners do.


Dark Lord presents an insightful analysis here.

It is certainly consistent with my own experience as a sadist: I always tell potential partners that I'm not interested in costumes and ritual behaviour, such as calling me "Sir" or "Master", which I feel are distancing mechanisms that require me to be someone other than who I am. (That is also why I use my own name as a safe word.)

As Dark Lord notes, I see my scenes as contests and sometimes say so, telling bottoms that we are engaging in an endurance game in which they are the only player.

I also agree on the centrality of the bottom; I think of the bottom as the 'author' of the scene, a thought that I would never share with him; to bring that to his attention would spoil the experience for him. (Of course, it is the use of a safe word that makes this evident and I think that is why some bottoms want to go without one.) This is why a good sadist has to have intuition and insight; he has to guess what his bottom wants and how far he should be pushed.

Evidence for the centrality of the bottom in sadomasochistic encounters is the fact that nearly all SM porn stories are written in the first person by the bottom. As Dark Lord, says -- and I've often felt -- the top is a prop.

One final, possibly disturbing, thought: I sometimes suspect that there are no true sadists, only faint-hearted masochists; that is, the sadist is a masochist who for one reason or another, can't or won't act on his masochism, preferring to experience it second-hand and under his control.


Amazingly insightful and accurate. It was 'Truth Or Consequences' that impressed on my brain the joys of being put into various challenging scenarios for the pleasure of others. The non-violent, twisted humiliation the men (and their female partners) were forced to endure still makes me hard and happy. Though I've been practicing a long time ever since the early 1970's and have taken many advanced classes on 'technique', the basic turn-on is ever-present to endure whatever fun, torment I do to myself as a perverted soloist, or by the welcome challenge of my conspirator, coach, warden or 'host of the show'. May we now have our next contestant please?

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