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October 11, 2014


Leo Devin

Remember Bob, you ask for my thoughts!

My favorite position is probably not feasible for your average Joe. It's for the bottom to be pulled upward, it doesn't really matter too much how so long as his bare feet are forced to stay in a high 'tip toe' position or he will be suspended in a way that is somewhat uncomfortable. Of course he can be accessorized.

Second would be the hogtie but they are almost equal in preference. That's front hogties as well, and stocks with the ankle and wrist holes.

A spread eagle comes in a very close third.

As to the preference of bindings it does depend on the circumstance. My favorite situation for a scene is an abduction or capture; 'Abduction' is me hunting the victim and 'capture' being me finding an intruder and instead of calling law enforcement, I take matters into my own hand. I love the "let's just mess around and have fun" stuff too.

I like chain for the permanence, large linked for short term and as small linked as possible and still use a quality padlock that doesn't look weak. Small is more like rope and less painful.

I like rope in situations where I want the victim to have some glimmer of hope of escaping. I also like rope for making a challenge: "If you can get yourself untied in 30 minutes, you get to go home tonight." Or "If you can't get yourself untied in 30 minutes you no longer have any limits." Either condition may be stated before or after the binding.

Leather restraints were once my favorite medium to work in. I quickly learned it was a hassle and even though it was intimidating, in most cases it is NOT totally secure, even with locks and I am not going to give away the reason I say that. As you alluded to, it's mutual, you have to ask the subject to hold their hand out or ankle or to breathe in or out or strike a pose. Rope can be that way as well but then it depends on what you're going for.

I like cuffs for very short term capture moments until I can put them in something else, it's quick and I can make them put them on themselves for a realistic scene where the victim must be subdued and it just can't be done realistically without his full cooperation. Again, this is all mostly a mindset for the way I have sessions now.

Tape: I like to do mummies but I am not going to all that work just to have the mummy say he needs to use the toilet just before I get his head taped up. I am cautious about using tape on bare skin, that's just me I think, and to me it looks like a temporary fix until the 'victim' can be more 'aesthetically' secured.

There are lots of other pervertables out there but those are too varied to mention but one would be a bicycle or motorcycle lock. Plastic coated clothes line cable and cable clamps, jump ropes, I hope you know what I mean.

I have the luxury of being able to buy (cages) and make my own bondage 'furniture' and a place to keep and use it. (rack, bondage horse, St Andrews crosses)

I hope that's not too much Bob but I have found out that monitors very rarely run out of ink.


sockboy mark

White socks and bondage are a match made in heaven.

Mister-X / Spartan

For clothing, complete coverage in leather, pinholes only at the nose accessing the outside.

For restraints, metal, either over the leather or over my naked body.

For both, the tighter the better.

For positions, the more challenging the better. Whatever I've done in my life, I've always been drawn to difficult challenges that others don't want to do, the easy and comfortable holding no appeal for me. I figure if you're going to do something, it should be something worth doing.

Dr Pecker

I love all kinds of bondage...rope, leather and steel. If a top/dom/Master first binds me in handcuffs or heavy metal bondage, that's a great first step (and quick), and then moves on to leather, I'm in heaven. The tighter and more secure, the better. But rope has its place, too--especially when used in suspension situations, but only when it's used well. My main problem with rope (other than cutting off circulation) is the level of skill required to do it well--it may not be much, but it's more than a lot of tops have, unfortunately (around here, anyway).

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