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May 03, 2014



Some great pictures - of some great experiences.

Morgan L'Estrange

Excuse me?! These 'real cute guys with real beautiful bodies' (and I have to agree with that part) still have their shoes and socks on! Inconceivable! Unforgivable! Yeah, yeah, I know you can't please everybody - some people are into big leather (spit shined) boots, some like athletic shoes and socks (which I suppose goes with the 'jock' theme) - but I'm a barefoot boy all the way! What a wasted opportunity! ...Well, maybe not entirely wasted... - Morgan


I like my guys tied up tight and these beautiful young men, although they had their hands tied behind their backs, you could see the rope was rather loose around all of their wrists, and hanging off their wrists instead of being tightly knotted. Although I love your site, that is a disappointing bondage session to me. Sorry Bob.


A bit loose on the rope work there, Mr Wingate. But cute boys indeed, and fun to see the 90's clothing and shoes....

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