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February 08, 2014



Logan is the guy from the patio shoot, isn't he?

Bob replies:
Better clarify that, Leo. My mind may be a little fuzzy right now (it's 5.30 in the morning and I'm having a restless night) but I'm not sure which shoot you're referring to. He's not in the shoot with Sam Dixon, if you're thinking about that one.


One other tiny little thing, I know it's wishful thinking, I would love to be able to go running through those galleries again, I can't find my collection of those pics and they weren't offered in print, not all of them anyway.

I must have lost them through the numerous computer changes and various lost external hard drives but I am also surprised to see that I remember which are B&G's while cruising tumblrs.

(I apologize for using the term "tiny little thing" at the beginning)


Hot guys and horny bondage! The best part is when they are both bound, gagged and looking at each other.


wow amazing set. thanks for posting

David Lorn

Did you make a film of this scene? I'd go WILD to see it!

Bob replies: Sadly, we never did film the scene. Wish we had.

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