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June 28, 2012


Mister-X / Spartan

I also agree that Logan and Dylan went overboard. But that point has been amply made by both Bob and Eric. These events happened many years ago, so none of the characters are going to be influenced by this writer's concerns, or change what happened. This writer says that he doesn't want to discourage Eric from writing about more of these events, but the only reason I can see for this writer to say what he's said is to do just that, because he is bothered reading about them, at their lack of concern for safety.

I've had many years of self-bondage, and some of the things I've done to myself over the years could easily have landed me in the ER, too. Was I bruised and hoarse afterwards? Yes. But in bondage, sometimes the cock overrides the brain when it comes to judgement. I learned, and now know better. Experience is the best teacher.

I've been enjoying reading about Eric's exploits, and eagerly await further chapters, especially those which describe intense scenes. I like to envision myself in Eric's place, experiencing what he experienced, since I had similar desires, but never had that opportunity. So please, Eric, continue writing about your exploits, and don't hold back.


Personally, I don't believe these stories actually took place, or at least are highly embellished. They are too over the top, although they are certainly well written and entertaining. So all the handwringing columns about what was right/wrong are getting repetitive and boring, since it seems pretty obvious to me it's made up

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