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April 09, 2012


Bob Dooman

Thank you for sharing.


I'm very sorry to hear that Jim Stewart is no more. I would not be the man I am to-day, had I not discovered Houdini Connexions.

I, too, hope that Mr. Stewart recieves the recognition that he deserves--inside and outside the LGTB community.

Lewis Cullen

I am very saddened to hear that Mr. Stewart has passed, I met him a few times and he even made my sleepsack and hood which both get lots of use. I will miss him dearly.

Mr Lee

I am sorry to hear of Jim's passing. Yes, he was a towering figure in the Male Bondage scene. Had it not been for him, I would not be enjoying bondage at all. I met him in London many years ago; and he gave me advice, encouragement and support to pursue what interested me. He was a kind and caring person. I wonder how he was these years, but really saddened to hear of his passing. From Mr Lee (aka Archie).


it's a sad day when Jim passed. i got to know him well, in his later years, always had a story to tell about his bondage exploits, especially over a glass of wine.

You were always welcome to his house in London, he still liked the playroom being used, even if he was not a part of the play.

We will miss you Jim


His website was one of the first I ever saw involving anything about leather bondage. I was blown away. Still am. So much we take for granted, involving leather, bondage, STRAITJACKETS came from him. He helped create the industry, which beyond pleasure, hits many of us to the core.

Thank You Jim. It is guys like you, and your work, that makes it easier for the ones that follow. In turn, we must continue to pave the way for those that will follow us.


Just wanted to say what a wonderful salute you created for your friend Jim. I still have the straitjacket you got for me, and I believe you sourced it though Jim. I also recognize the photos as the ones that initially got me all excited about that exact model of straitjacket. In fact, I remember coming out to the country house to pick that jacket up—you and Lee had it laid out artfully on a bed and my eyes bulged at the sight of it. And then, as I recall, you put Lee and me in dueling straitjackets back to back, laid down and fell asleep. Ahhhh, happy memories—and thanks in a large part to Jim.

Again, so sorry to hear about Jim's passing.

Love to you and Lee.

Frederick Booth

I first met Jim in London at his workshop/home. We were introduced by a mutual friend. I was like a kid in a candystore with all the amazing/creative bondage devices which Jim had created/conceived through the years. I ordered his "heavy-duty hood, full-leather sleep sack," etc. He informed me that I'd have to pay for the items through his U.S. rep in Florida, since I was an American. That began a long and treasured friendship with Richard Hunter who eventually moved to S.F. and bought Mr. S from my friend Doug Deal whose lover Zach Long had bought the business from Alan Selby. Amazing how a leather family grows! I recently gave that sleepsack to a friend who was very close to Jim and he's now entrusted to make kindred souls happy in its confines. May Jim Stewart rest in peace and watch over all of us until we meet again.
In fond memory, Rick Booth


What a great tribute to Maurice. I was lucky enough to have been introduced to him many years ago and got to use his playroom on many occasions while Maurice ran the video equipment and recorded the session. It sounds like I might have been the last person to actually have him wrapped and strapped in his dungeon not long before his move to Brighton and I was pleased to have helped him with his efforts on Houdini Connections. I don't think he'd want people to be saddened at his passing but to instead remember his legacies of safe and consensual enjoyment of all restricted practices and to remember that there are a lot of us out there who enjoy such things - pass on his ideals in helping others to come to terms with their obsessions and to enjoy life to the full - I know that Maurice did.

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