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January 23, 2012



I love this post the best. I love to be hooded and gagged because it's more fun that way.

I love duct tape because you are really really hopeless in this. Also I love the smell of the tape. It's very rewarding.

When I get the tape gag, I tend to put a bandanna around it and then add more tape.

He sounds a great guy to be gagged by.

Jeff Moses

Although I prefer leather gags, I agree that a gag that covers the lower part of the face makes the bottom hotter. I think it allows me to imagine the "perfect" face. It may also have something to do with making the eyes more prominent.
I usually put the gag on last. It sort of says, "That's it boy. Now you're all mine."


Another gag lover!!

Great to be bound tightly. Then struggling as the bandana is forced into mymouth as a cleave gag. Then another bandana tied wide as a gag. A real silencer. A cock gag has the same affect on me!!

Struggle ,mmmmmppphhh,....

I feel my cock showing its appreciation as
I write this...



I have to say I agree with all parts of this post. To me, bondage, and being at the mercy of a top/dom, isn't complete unless the gag is obviously tight, has multiple layers, or if a muzzle/leather gag, locked on. Watching a guy get gagged, struggling and yelling ineffectually as he's brutally silenced, is my favorite part of any scene. And I look forward to the day I have someone who is eager to pull that tape tight, tight over my mouth, and begin silencing me for a fun night.


Loved this gagged blog, Bob. I have always been a gag lover and love duct tape the best. This is one of the easist ways to silence the boy as well as the best look. I do love the layered effect too. But there is nothing better than a gagged boy with duct tape in any position that turns me on. Even better if I am that gagged boy. (Hence my screen name.)

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