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January 03, 2006



I totally agree with this posting. There is a battle on for the soul of our nation and I will do whatever it takes to keep the Democrats from ever getting their hands on the levers of power again. Soon there will be a conservative Supreme Court with 5 Catholics. That should be enough to keep the left in check for a long time to come. Further the Democrats were so hateful during the last election that the GOP will NEVER do anything for you. And your insistence on Gay Marriage blew up like an exploding cigar in Kerry's face...therefore the Democrats will never pick up your cause again. You are banished to the political wildnerness now. I am not GAY, I am HOMOSEXUAL and proud of it.


Whoa there, loud and proud!
The "soul" of the American system is balance -- so rabid PartyAs beget rabid PartyBs and pretty soon the "sensible center" turns away in disgust -- a plague on both your houses.
As to taxes, here's a moderate way of looking at it: your taxes buy things (including, yes, welfare). Are you getting your money's worth? If not, maybe the reason is folks like Jack Abrahamoff and politicians who don't see a problem with taking money from him in exchange for, ahem, services.
Neither PartyA nor PartyB has a lock on civic virtue. Responsible citizens separate the wheat from the chaff on both sides.
And then we can get back to ropes and chains and straps and shackles and cages and...


Jeb, if you are a masochistic (presumably BDSM) homosexual, potential porn star, a Republican and enjoy having 5 out of 9 members of the Supreme Court be conservative Roman Catholics, then you are having an identity crisis of massive proportions. You hope those 5 Roman Catholic judges will "keep the left in check." Jeb, buddy, I hate to tell you this, but you are the "left". The only place that you can engage in the activities that you cherish, and even sell them, is on the left. If you are wanting to sell your own masochistic whipping video for $100, and be able to invite others to join you, then go for it. It's your personal liberty to do that, but I can tell you that 5 conservative Roman Catholic judges appointed by a religious right-wing nut-job like George Bush will be all too happy to shut down your liberties in one stoke of a pen. They want your cherised activities to be a crime - there is no doubt about it. They are the thought police.

By the way, I, too, am a Republican, but I will be changing that soon. I should have changed it a long time ago. I'll probably become an Independent because I'm not happy with any of the parties or the leadership. I'm all for national defense, and I am sure you are too given your paratrooper tatoo. And, I'm all for making sure my tax dollars are spent wisely. However, Republicans have proven that they aren't real clear on what our national defense is when they invade a country that had no hope of attacking us directly, and little hope of attacking us indirectly. Also, the Republicans may have lowered our taxes but they have used the national credit card like drunken sailors on shore leave. Our national debt has nearly tripled and we owe about $40,000 for every man, woman and child. That's massive fiscal irresponsibility that makes Democrats look like budget hawks. If that's not bad enough, George Bush, the man who criticizes government welfare programs, just instituted Medicare Part D, a brand new government welfare program that will cost us billions and will bankrupt the USA. Is this what you are for?

So, Jeb, if you still want to be gay and a Republican, you better stop drinking the kool-aid and "be proud and get loud" by taking over the party. If you don't, I can guarantee you that your personal pursuits of masochistic self-indulgence will not only be prohibited for sale, but will land you in jail. One thing I have learned in my 40 years of life is that those who most often profess that they are guarding your liberty are likely the first ones to violate it.


Jeb, precisely how were the Democrats hateful during the last election? They didn’t exactly go on the attack when the truly hateful “Swiftboat veterans” ran endless vicious, mean-spirited and dishonest ads questioning John Kerry’s heroism, but that smacks more of poor political judgment than hatefulness. It’s true that, knowing the rightwing’s tendency to jump on anything resembling a legitimate acceptance of otherness, it was not politically wise to push gay marriage in an election year, but that’s hardly hateful. You say you aren't gay but homosexual? Tell me the difference, please. Does that somehow make you better than the rest of us in your own eyes? Take it from me, a gay man or homosexual by any other name is just a dirty degenerate faggot to the majority of the Republicans you love, and good for one thing only: to be destroyed.

Mister-X / Spartan

I guess I'm closer to Sam in this exchange. I'm a fiscal conservative and a social liberal, and don't seem to fit in with either party, though I tend to lean to the Democrats. I find the Republicans are most interested in doing what they can for the billionaires that provide the money to get them elected. I find the Democrats are most interested in doing what they can for the large numbers of people who need Government help to survive, setting up programs which are usually good for employing people with very little money going to the people the program was designed to help. Both policies are quickly running this country into the debtor's prison, with most of our debt owned by Red China. I'm not a member of either party, one of those people in the middle who both parties are trying, through their policies, to do away with, though indirectly without probably realizing it. This country's middle class is shrinking, being transformed into resembling a South American country.

What I find fascinating is that the Republicans are trying to remove Government from people's lives, yet are trying to bring it into people's bedrooms with their policies.

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